Short Courses


Have you done your yoga teacher training - looking around for something new, then this is the one.  It is a fabulous course.  

A course for teachers or trainee teachers, who want to take on a real challenger (Is this you).  Not that this is the only reason - but it is another income stream, and there is the possibility to work with the really needy in your communities.  Those people who are left behind in a regular yoga class..

The short course beliow is just an add on - but this course is both deep and wide.  You will be ready to go out into the community after learning this.  It is a course that connects with the medical and alternative health community, hard to approach with regular yoga.

Restorative is a deeply relaxing supported yoga. Most poses done on the floor or chairs using props of all kinds.

The course covers everything you need to run a class. Perfect for studios as it reaches and works with clients who may have been reluctant in the past. People with MS, Parkinsons, anxiety, depressions, chronic back condition, and people recovering from chemotherapy or life crises

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