The Australasian Yoga Institute offers Yoga Teacher Registration to those students who have graduated from our Institute, or who are students with us and wish to work whilst training. We even offer a Registration "grandfathering" clause for those people who are "pioneers", and have studied and taught for many years, but have not done formal yoga teacher training.


We can offer everything you need to be a successful and professional yoga teacher, and we have been doing it for almost 40 years. Our graduates practice around the world - as studio owners, on luxury yachts and at resorts, some give their time and energy in third world countries, volunteering. Yoga can be your life, not just your job. It meets you were-ever you are. Apply here for your Registration Package.

INSURANCE  now handled soley by your insurance company.  You will need your Registration as a paid up member of The Australasian Yoga Institute  - Student Registration or Graduate Registration available.