The Magdalen Interfaith Ministry

After years of soul searching, I have decided it is time to begin a whole new part of our program. The Magdalen Interfaith Ministry.

This is a 10 month Distance Education course, using recent research findings from THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS to re-examine the life of Jesus, the Bible and God. A course designed for people who want to take their knowledge of scripture down a whole fresh road. Examining the evidence for a "Political" Jesus and considering Mary Magdalen as one of the leaders in the early Church. Certainly not a prostitute.

With the controversy over the Magdalen, I think it is time to introduce this Ministry.

If you have a suitable background, perhaps you feel you have had "the Call" and want to take it to the next step - then please, email me for our MINISTRY PACK.


There is so much more to know. Begin today.

*Read more about this in our information pack.

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*our postal address is: po Box 14, Mt.Macedon. Vic. 3441. Australia.