We want everyone to learn yoga, and to take it to the world, but, if you are anxious, afraid, or have disadvantages like addictions that are distancing you from life in general,  you are not going to be able to take advantage of anything life may be offering...

Enter our Hypnotherapy/Past Life Therapy

With hypnotherapy/Past Life Therapy,  we can help you at every level. It is not fast. You will need about 2 hours per session with us, but the benefits are enormous and long lasting. I am sure we save lives of those suffering long term drug and alcohol addictions.  The past may be causing you to behave in ways that are not helpful to your present situation.  It doesn't matter if you believe in Past Lives or not, we all need a story that makes sense of the present by incorporating our past.

Because of the length of the sessions the cost is $250, but everything is included, there are no extras. We even include a top-up session within 2 weeks of the initial consultation. 

Please make an appointment with Jahne by phoning 0354 273 518. You can text (preferable to phoning as I am either in class or doing a session as above ) Text 0402 088 170 or email me at