YOGA FIRST (Gitajaia Yoga) was born in 1976 at the home of Rev. Jahne Hope-Williams.

Jahne had studied with Margrit Segesman, the Founder of Gita Yoga in Australia, and with Joy Spencer, a major force in Shivananda Yoga at that time, in India and in the USA. Out of these meetings and subsequent study came Gitajaia ("to recognise and honour the lineage") and of course Australian Power Yoga, our very own style.

The school grew and began to move forward out of the Ranges, with Studios around Melbourne and then travelling Seminars around the world. When we began to grow our Teacher Training, Certification and Recognition arms of the School, we originated the Institute, which went on to welcome Distance Education students from around the world.

We are expanding to include Distance Education training from established and Affiliated Centres wherever needed.   We welcome any Centres who feel they have the population and student community to support such growth to contact us. We would love you to join hands with us. The entry is pretty tough, but worth it, and a logical step once you have opened your own yoga studio.


We are looking, and advertising, for teachers, ex-teachers who want to get back into the work force, and people who have taught but need to be Registered and/or Insured before they can get back in.  We can help you.

Not only can we bring your qualifications up to standard, but through our amazing contacts we can also give you the opportunity for work. We know of work available all over the world. The more teachers who put their hands up, the more places we can fill.  We can even direct you towards training that can have you working on super-yachts throughout the glamour spots around the Mediterranean and the world.