The Five Tibetans

I have been teaching the Five Tibetans for more than 30 years now, and I have been a student for more than half a century (and continue to be one). It seems hardly possible, but it is true. In that time I have taught this simple routine to hundreds and hundreds of students - successfully. In that time I have seen many miracles, and you will too.

FIVE TIBETANS - THE COURSE.   This is a short course which we introduced to the world in 1976. Watch our site for more exciting details.

FIVE TIBETANS - THE BOOK.   If you would like to know more about this subject, the book is available from us for $45, including postage, in our store.   The copies I have at present are self-published, so in time I am sure they will become collectables, as we have now interested a publishing company.  Topics include the Exercises,  the Chakras, Journalling, Colour Therapy, and Ayurvedic Diet as it applies to yoga . No yoga library should be without it!

We have a FIVE TIBETANS Workshop happening somewhere near you soon.

These Workshops are usually conducted in two short sessions:

  1. Friday:  A basic class examining and demonstrating this simple and effective set of exercises.
  2. Saturday:  A further class for those who wish to know more, do more and perhaps teach this to others. This class will also include a section on "Sensory Awareness."

* 10% discount for RYTAs or members of The Australasian Yoga Institute and CLUB YOGA.